Let’s Get Fit

Let’s Get Fit

A healthy employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is a more productive employee. The Commercial Group not only believes this line of thinking but has embraced its principles with open arms. The bottom line and productivity of an organization are vital to managing the day to day and overall business. However, the Commercial Group firmly believes the value placed in the employee’s health and wellness ultimately creates a productive environment. A stressful work environment tends to be counter-productive to the employee’s professional and personal life.

The Commercial Group provides a variety of stress-relieving activities as a benefit to team members. March-April are Health and Wellness months. Throughout March and April, events such as workouts led by a personal trainer, yoga, acupuncture, massages, paint night, bowling, and other activities occur. Teambuilding, camaraderie, self-care, and health-awareness are a few of the benefits experienced by team members, participating in the events. Although Health and Wellness months officially end on the last day of April, team members tend to continue to maintain some element of health and wellness throughout the year. It is contagious!

Physical fitness is not only about image; it encompasses mind, body, and soul. Overall health and wellness is the goal. The Commercial Group sets team members on a path and leaves that option to their consciousness whether or not to embark on the journey. Whatever the misalignment, realign with a new voyage on the road to health and wellness with the Commercial Group. Let’s get fit!

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