No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

Spring is Here! Trees are producing, flowers are blooming, and growth is in the air. Seasons bring changes; some we welcome and others we would rather dismiss. The growth produced in one season is usually a product of the work we invest in a previous season. “Grow where you are planted.”  Regardless of the atmosphere, whether just starting out, or at full maturity, seasons are always going to change.

The Commercial Group is a family of companies that provide commercial development, general contracting, interior finishes, utilities, and property management services in the Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia area.  The Commercial family is comprised of individuals who have come together to create a community, some would even call a work environment. The climate of the Commercial Group is such that when some team members have departed to seek opportunities elsewhere; after some time, they return home. The feeling is the same across the organization; “here is where I can grow and here is where I can become my best self.”

Team members bring lessons learned, ideas explored, and wisdom gained from previous seasons of their career. The knowledge that the Commercial Group is a family you can return to, should you ever choose to leave, is power. Why return? The opportunities to become more than mediocre are within everyone’s grasp. Growth is a desire, sparked by an idea that will position you for a new career goal. Team members are more than a number. They are a voice, heard throughout the organization.  Commercial invests time and energy in building up team members to help them reach their full potential so they may reach their career goals within the organization.

There is no place like home because the family will always have your back.  It is, after all, the Commercial way.

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