Commercial Construction Wraps Up 2022 with Fellowship and Fun

Commercial Construction Wraps Up 2022 with Fellowship and Fun

The Commercial Construction team kicked off the holiday season in style. The entire team gathered in Suite 10’s gathering space at Commercial’s headquarters to celebrate the end of a successful year.

As CEO Kevin Johnson reflected on the highlights of 2022, he thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication. Next, he announced bonuses and presented the end-of-year awards. It wasn’t your typical company award program – titles included Super Star Debut, Unsung Hero, and All Day Everyday. As Kevin made the presentations, he spoke about how each recipient embodied their award.

The team connected over good food and drinks. They shared stories about their work and life experiences. Many employees commented on how wonderful it was to see each other after working on different jobsites. There was no shortage of laughter and joy throughout the evening.

(l-r)Senior Project Manager Don Schroeder, Senior Superintendent Russel Leist, and Senior Project Manager Carl Thorpe
(l-r) CEO Kevin Johnson, Project Engineer Clyde Parker, Assistant Superintendent Kenneth “Word” Brown, Laborer Dwayne Keys, and Senior Superintendent Rick Welch

Commercial Construction 2022 Award Winners

Integrity Award
Marty Glaze

Dedicated Father, Husband & Teammate Award
Brian Leonard

Leadership Impact Award
Cherelle Reno

Super Star Debut
Desiree Forney

Unsung Hero
Clay DeVaughn

Redemption Award
Ron Turpin

Ultimate Team Player Award
Kenneth Brown

Ultimate Team Player Award
Clyde Parker

Ultimate Team Player Award
Dwayne Keys

Evolution Award
Ken Ports

Rising Star Award
Brandon Andrews

Sunshine Award
Gary Matthews

All Day Everyday Award
Preston Johnson