It’s All About You

It’s All About You

“It is our intention to create the highest level of synergy for the Commercial Group Companies. We facilitate and support team members in becoming more self-aware, empowered as individuals and aligned with company principles, so we are a balanced, creative, effective, efficient and a powerful team. The Commercial Group is rising to the pinnacle of wellbeing and excellence while having fun in the process.” ~ Kevin Johnson, CEO.

The Commercial Group is in the process of launching a newly updated website. The content of the site is not the usual content found on an organization’s website; although included is the “normal” information. The Intention Statement, quoted above is the basis, or should it be said, the foundation for the Commercial Group Companies. March and April are Health and Wellness months, which focuses on providing activities to team members who desire to initiate or maintain a healthy lifestyle. A Life Coach, Acupuncturist, and Massage Therapist are available to team members.

The Marketing/Communications Director plans events including bowling, paint night, and baseball games as stress relieving outlets. What is the importance in these activities and events and how do they affect the customer? The Commercial Group is focused on the culture and the team, the individual. We believe team members who feel valued, fulfilled and encouraged to be the very best they can, will deliver a high level of performance to assure the organization is the best it can be.

The Commercial Group of Companies is comprised of five entities. Each company embodies a core principle of the “I AM campaign.” Commercial Development – I AM Vision, Commercial Construction – I AM Integrity, Commercial Interiors – I AM Excellence, Commercial Utilities – I AM Service.

The leadership team are a group of individuals who are a creative artist, a golf champion, a chef, an entrepreneur/mentor, and a man cave dweller. Diversity among the team members is widespread within the organization. They are avid readers, a cyclist, a hunter, a tennis ace, a roadrunner, a devoted Christian/husband/father, and a world traveler. It is about the team; the framework of each and what they bring to the Commercial Group that creates a familiar and trustworthy brand.