Senior Vice President, Commercial Construction

“I AM Pop. Pop can forget about the rules and routines that comes with parenting. I have no expectations or requirements other than to have fun. It gives me an excuse to be a kid again and young at heart. We get to explore the leaf, twig, stare at the clouds, play dress up, and fly a kite. My granddaughter does not care what I do or who I am. I make a little hurt feel better, and I can reach into the cookie jar.  I just love being Pop.”

Ken has over 40 years’ experience beginning as a Field Engineer and advancing to Director of Pre-construction Services. Ken has had the pleasure of working with area’s top developers, architects and subcontractors. He has been involved in numerous projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region with a combined value in excess of 1.75 billion dollars. Ken is goal driven and is responsible for all pre-construction services. Ken has a broad range of experience in Commercial, Multifamily, Senior Living, Dormitories, Highrise, Renovation and military housing.