Creative Artist
President, Commercial Development

“My Father was an entrepreneur the first half of his life and a spiritual teacher the second half. My spiritual thirst and quest to uncover the ‘truth of who I really am’, and create a culture that inspires others to manifest the life they desire, is my life’s mission.

I AM a creative artist disguised as an entrepreneur. I see the loving essence in people and the universe. I am passionate about self-exploration and self-awareness and seek freedom that comes with authentic self-expression. You can find me exercising, eating wholesome foods, playing golf, sitting by a river, and enjoying nature. I love supporting others as we evolve and grow.

As a man of Integrity, it is my self-loving and self-honoring intention, to live from my heart, for the purpose of experiencing Freedom and Bliss! Come join me!”

Kevin’s vision is seeing the wholeness, truth, and beauty in every person and every thing.

His vision enables him to see the inherent charm and potential in even the most under served communities. His love is to rebuild neglected areas and restore thriving neighborhoods.

A proud Baltimorean, he focuses on the quality of functional design in creating living spaces where there is no visual or resourceful difference between affordable and market rate housing. He strives to integrate state-of-the-art schools, and healthy retail and service options that create diverse and flourishing communities without economic borders.