Golf Champion
Senior Vice President

“I AM a golf champion. Playing golf brings a sense of peace and pure joy.  Any challenge I may be experiencing when I start, simply dissolves away as I become captivated by the natural beauty found on most courses.  I love seeing a great shot anyone makes, especially my own!”

Ovetta brings over 30 years of management experience to the Commercial Group. She is responsible for working across all divisions and functions of the Commercial family of companies in support of the CEO. Her primary role is to oversee human resource management, technology management, marketing and communications management, and facilities management. She is also tasked with enhancing efficiency, quality, and productivity while ensuring the highest and best use of human and fiscal resources. Ovetta serves as a leader of the company by managing a performance management process that measures and evaluates progress against company goals. She provides all staff with a day-to-day leadership presence and support with an open-door policy. Ovetta serves on the board of directors for several organizations throughout Maryland.