Chief Administrator, Commercial Interiors

“As quoted by the American writer Alice Sebold, “I like gardens. It’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.”

I AM a gardener. Gardens are special places. They evoke our sense of awe and wonder, bath us in beauty, and connect us to a higher being. A garden – much like family, relationships, work, and life in general, reflect the care it is given. Gardening involves not only the entire body in the physical act of planting, but also the mind and spirit. The rewards are an overwhelming sense of peace, hope, and happiness. Gardening enhances my emotional well-being – allows me to be free, manage my stress, and gain perspective. There’s something deeply gratifying about the entire experience.”

Sheila has worked in a leadership role with various public and private sector organizations for over 27 years with emphasis on operations, facilities management, strategic planning, and marketing and communications. She is the consummate professional with a keen eye for organization and excellence. Sheila works closely with the President and serves as the liaison between the various departments. Her chief responsibility is to implement cost effective measures and processes that will result in increased efficiency and sustainability.