Pursuing Excellence – Commercial Interiors Leadership Retreat

Pursuing Excellence – Commercial Interiors Leadership Retreat

Front row (l-r) Chief Administrator Sheila Lewis, Assistant Project Manager Cristina Santizo. Middle row (l-r) Senior Project Manager John Hoffman, Estimator Fausto Romero, Estimator Margarito Ramirez, Estimating Administrative Assistant Sandra Garcia. Back Row (l-r) VP of Field Operations Jeff Kuhn, Estimator Jake Jarosz, President Milton Matthews, VP of Internal Operations Steve Fritz, Project Engineer Chris Powell, Project Manager Ed Tippett, Chief Estimator Ray Downey

Commercial Interiors has always strived for excellence, and our September retreat at Turf Valley Resort was no exception.

Seven years ago, our president Milton Matthews, in partnership with Levert Management Consulting Group, launched an ongoing organizational, leadership, and staff development series for the team. This retreat was part of the series.

We started the retreat with a review to see how well our processes align with our core value – Excellence. We then targeted the top five concerns of each department. Team feedback resulted in new ideas and solutions for improvement.

This ongoing effort provides an opportunity to enhance and maintain communications between departments and explore new ways of implementing cost-effective measures and processes that will result in increased efficiency and sustainability.